What do you charge?

Hotel & Resort Bookings – Shore Travel Group does not charge fees for hotel & resort bookings.

Custom Itinerary Design – For trips incorporating multiple locations, touring, transportation, appointments (wine tastings, cooking classes, etc.) Shore Travel Group does charge a $250 travel planning fee. This fee allows you to take advantage of specialized industry relationships and covers the time involved in our consultation, research, pricing and support before during and after your trip.

What types of trips do you book?

We book all types of travel including family vacations, honeymoons, multi-generational trips, weekend getaways, business travel, safaris, all-inclusives, cruises (ocean, river & expedition) and special occasion trips. Whether you are heading to the slopes in Chamonix or the beach in Puerto Rico, we are here to help.

Why should I book with you vs. booking online?

With so much information online that is often outdated or inaccurate it can be hard to determine fact from fiction. Can you believe the reviews online about that hotel you’re eyeing in Paris? You can trust that we stay up to date with information from recent travelers to your location and stay in-the-know on recent hotel openings, dining options, and unique tours, tasting and experiences around the globe – and you can count on these recommendations being passed along to you!

What are the benefits of booking with a travel advisor?

It’s all about the perks! From securing room upgrades, a complimentary breakfast or making sure a welcome amenity is waiting on your arrival, I make sure all my clients are treated like VIPs. I have access to exclusive travel advisor preferred hotel programs that are most important to you – that are not available to the public. As your advisor, I will prioritize you into these programs which puts you at the top of every upgrade and VIP list – and yes, ranked above upgrades offered through credit card providers.

You will pay the same rates or less by working with me, as you would booking online or through any prestigious credit card program, but you get more as I can add in exclusive benefits that add tremendous value to your resort and hotel stays that you can’t get booking online.

These benefits vary by property and often include:

  • Preferred rates, special promotions and offers
  • Complimentary daily breakfast
  • Room upgrades
  • Hotel credits for dining, spa, and activities
  • Early check-in/late check-out
  • VIP status and personalized service (they will be expecting you when you arrive). My bookings get noticed and prioritized by hoteliers due to the relationships we have with them.
How are you compensated?

We work on a commission basis. Which means when we book your hotel we make a commission on the hotel we book on your behalf. The majority of a travel advisor’s job is done on the front-end of a trip. We put in a tremendous amount of time designing a custom itinerary and sharing knowledge with you that we’ve garnered over the years.

When a hotel or resort pays a travel advisor a commission its usually around 10% of the room rate. Commission is paid only AFTER a clients’ travel is completed. And if our clients don’t travel for any reason we do not get paid.